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Dracoudis Energy supplies Cypriot homes and businesses with a range of turn-key renewable energy solutions that deliver financial savings, energy independence and carbon reductions.

Our team

We have more than 12 expert staff with years of experience in the industry delivering exceptional service.

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We constantly strive to provide the best support experience possible in the industry. Contact our helpdesk anytime: (+357) 7777 1818.

Over 1200 Installations

We have completed numerous successful projects of photovoltaic installations under both the Net Metering and the Net Billing schemes.

Social responsibility

We make a difference by providing comprehensive solutions to our clients that reduces their impact on the environment.

Let’s start saving.

Electricity is expensive and photovoltaic systems give the homeowner an easy way to save. On a typical residential installation, the initial investment cost of switching to solar energy can be recovered in full in less than 4 years.

Photovoltaic Installation

We deliver customised photovoltaic systems that maximise your electricity production.

Net Metering

The net metering scheme allows both household and business consumers to install a photovoltaic system with power up to 10.4kw.

Virtual Net Metering

Consumers can install a photovoltaic system with power up to 10.4 kW in areas offsite of the property that will benefit from the photovoltaic system.

Net Billing

The net billing scheme allows both household and business consumers to install a photovoltaic system with power of more than 10.4 kW.

Virtual Net Billing

Business consumers can install a photovoltaic system with power up to 150 kW in areas offsite of the property.

Solar Energy.

Solar energy is the energy force that sustains life on earth for all plants, animals and people.

The earth receives this energy from the sun in the form of electromagnetic waves, which the sun continually emits into space.

The earth can be seen as a huge solar energy collector receiving large quantities of this energy which takes various forms, such as direct sunlight, heated air masses causing wind, and evaporation of the oceans resulting in rain which can form rivers.

This solar potential can be trapped directly as solar energy (concentrated solar power and/or photovoltaics) and indirectly as wind, biomass and hydroelectric energy.

You can learn more from our asked questions

The Net Metering scheme is for consumers with a photovoltaic system with power needs up to 10.4 kW. On the other hand, the net billing scheme allows consumers to install a photovoltaic system of more than 10.4 kW and up to 10 mW... Read More

The required documents for the net metering application are the following: Title deeds where all the owners are presented, Building permit... Read More

The installation of a photovoltaic system up to 10kw takes about 1 day. What takes time however is the licensing of a photovoltaic system... Read More

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