What Are The Advantages Of Solar Power?

Solar power has been widely criticized for being inefficient and expensive, but in recent times the technology behind has proved to be extremely beneficial for the environment and for the economy. Governments all over the world offer grants and incentives to switch to solar power via the use of photovoltaic panels.

In recent years, the production costs of solar energy systems are lower than ever, allowing the systems to offer economical energy solutions. Installing a modern solar system will reduce, or even eliminate your electricity bills depending on the production capacity.

The technology has drastically improved over the past years, featuring higher power production capabilities, increased longevity, and low maintenance. As there are no moving parts in a modern system, there is no wear and tear. Our solar energy solutions offer up to 25 years warranty on the photovoltaic panels and up to 10 years on the inverter.

Amongst all the advantages of a solar system, the most important is that solar power is a truly renewable energy source. It reduces reliance on coal for electricity production, eliminating the harmful emissions that negatively affect the quality of air, water, and soil, and are responsible for global warming.

The sun’s abundant power provides an unlimited source of energy that does not harm the ozone layer and the environment. Residential solar energy systems represent an investment in the future of the planet, conserving non-renewable energy sources and protecting the environment.