Solar Power Cost VS Grid Electricity Cost!

Utility bills are getting higher year by year, yet the sun’s energy is free and abundant. Accessing energy directly from the source makes much more sense compared to paying for it from the EAC’s oil-powered production plants.

Solar power is proven to be a more cost-effective solution compared to the grid’s energy and is an abundant energy source. Grid electricity rates have recently reached €0.22 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in Cyprus. The average Cypriot residential household uses 500kWh per month and the average electricity bill is at €110 monthly. Electricity costs over the years have fluctuated a great deal with cost per kWh ranging from €0.18 up to €0.25.

A solar energy system helps you insulate yourself against the pricing fluctuations and increases. Over the last 10 years, solar panels prices have dropped over 70%. When you purchase and install a solar energy system for your residence, all of the harnessed solar energy produced will be free once the system pays itself off, which usually takes 3-4 years.

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