Net Billing

Net Billing

Net Billing is a self-consumption scheme regarding photovoltaic systems with power over 10.4kw. Both households and businesses consumers can take part in this scheme.

How it works

During the production of electricity by the photovoltaic system, the building consumes this electricity directly. In cases where the photovoltaic system produces more electricity than the building consumes, then this excess electricity produced by the photovoltaic system is recorded and sent back to the grid.

Households and businesses benefit from the excess electricity produced by their photovoltaic systems and sent to the grid, as this is credited to the next electricity bill.

Please note, that the excess electricity sent to the grid is costed according to the avoidance cost of EAC.


The power of a photovoltaic system is decided according to the electricity consumptions of the previous year.

In cases where there are no previous electricity consumptions, then households and businesses can choose by themselves the power of their photovoltaic systems.

The power of the photovoltaic system cannot exceed the 80% of the installed power capacity of the building.


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